If you find the good oil let us know
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If you find the good oil let us know. 16 January 2014, 39deg 16’ 36”S, 173deg 29’ 42” E. Image: Shaun Waugh.

If you find the good oil let us know
25 June 2012 – 14 February 2014
Taranaki Artist in Residence
Govett-Brewster Art Gallery
New Plymouth
New Zealand

Curator: Mercedes Vicente

70 litres used oil; written correspondence;
text on Govett-Brewster Art Gallery facade; 390kg Holcim cement; 2.4 tonne cast concrete block (1.3m x 1.0m x 0.7m) positioned at
39deg 16’ 36”S, 173deg 29’ 42” E;
printed book (risograph, offset, cloth-bound)

In 2013 a series of letters and an editorial were printed in the Taranaki Daily News:
Maddie Leach (09.01.13)
Sandy Gibbs (12.01.13)
Peter Brunt (16.01.13)
Bill Cashman (18.01.13)
Mercedes Vicente (19.01.13)
Christina Barton (23.01.13)
Melanie Oliver (24.01.13)
Jon Bywater (28.01.13)
Michael Edwards (30.01.13)
Abby Cunnane (02.02.13)
Editorial by Rob Mitchell (07.02.13)
Maddie Leach (16.02.13)
Maddie Leach (20.02.13)
Maddie Leach (25.07.13)

The Taranaki Daily News declined to print letters by Jem Noble and David Cross

Letters of response from TDN readers were
also printed: Lila Smith (11.01.13, 28.01.13),
Bob Thompson
, Cam Murray, Antonia O'Mahony, Nev Robinson, Peter McCormack and Morris West

Maddie Leach on Standing Room Only, Radio New Zealand, 26 January 2014

Project credits:
Designer: Warren Olds / Studio Ahoy
Sign painting: Josh Manu, Gareth Radcliffe
Concrete casting: Howard's Precast Concrete
Sea transport: New Plymouth Underwater Ltd
Photography: Shaun Waugh, Maddie Leach, Bryan James

Generously supported by:
Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd
Taranaki Daily News
Creative New Zealand

Walters Prize 2014
12 July – 12 October
Auckland Art Gallery

Ingrid Horrocks reads
Dear Companions (MP3)

If you find the good oil let us know
Rev. ed. Auckland: Auckland Art Gallery, 2014

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Double-page print with text, Taranaki Daily News (11.07.14); Loan copies available from Auckland Art Gallery front desk